10 Best Baby Monitoring Cameras

Ever wondered what your kids are doing when the lights go out? Worried about your baby’s safety and well-being while you’re away from home? With a baby monitoring camera installed in your home, you can keep watch of the little ones even when your eyes can’t be there in person.

Baby monitoring cameras are all grown up. What used to be just simply two-way radios now come with a lot of high-tech features and options such as live video feeds, Wi-Fi connectivity, and night vision mode, among many others. You can install the camera in a room to watch over the crib while you carry your smartphone or tablet that lets you know what’s going on with your child at any given moment, no matter where you are. This makes a monitoring camera an essential part of any connected home.

But the question remains: Which one should you get for your home?

When it comes to your family’s safety, it’s natural to want only the best. And here at HomeSecurityList, you’ll find only the best of the best. We’ve scoured the market and tested a number of security cameras to find out which ones will give you the greatest peace of mind. Read on to find out the 10 best baby monitoring cameras for 2017.

What to Look for in A Baby Monitoring Camera

When looking for a baby monitoring camera, you need to keep a number of things into consideration. It really just depends on what you feel most comfortable with, what type of device fits your needs best, as well as your budget.

There are basically three types of baby monitoring cameras: Audio-only cameras, video monitors, and Wi-Fi monitors. Each of these types comes with their own set of pros and cons, and it depends on how much you’re willing to invest on them and what features you’re looking for.

Audio-only baby monitors are usually the most budget-friendly ones, allowing you to only hear your child’s voice. This type of baby monitor is cheap and is an ideal option for parents who only need the most basic features or just want to monitor their baby by hearing.

Meanwhile, video baby monitoring cameras are second-generation types that typically contain two handsets: A parent unit and a baby unit. This type lets you see and listen in on your child, anytime and anywhere. This type of device remains popular among parents even though some have already upgraded to the Wi-Fi monitors. Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of this type of monitoring system is that you need to keep a second handheld device with you in order to check your baby.

The third and perhaps the best option out there are the Wi-Fi baby monitoring cameras. These are the latest, most advanced type of baby monitors that parents would love to have at home. They come with a lot of advantages like better quality video and audio streaming, sleek design and build, and will even come with a dedicated mobile app where you can watch what your baby is doing in real time, using mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Many of the baby monitoring cameras you’ll see below even allow you to take videos and photos of your little one, and even save them via local and/or cloud storage. Although not entirely necessary to the regular function of a camera, it’s a fun feature that lets you capture and share important moments you might have otherwise missed. Additionally, most of the monitoring cameras in our list come with night vision feature so you have a clear picture of your baby even at night. The infrared (IR) LEDs built into a camera monitor illuminates the camera’s field of view just enough for you to see, but good enough not to disturb your child. And if that’s not enough, some cameras even have a two-way audio feature. So if you want to soothe your baby to sleep, you can let them hear your voice simply by pressing a button!

Read on to find out which of the monitors outperformed the competition!

Best Baby Monitoring Cameras

What’s more convenient than being able to monitor your child while you’re away from home? With the LeFun Wireless Camera Baby Monitor, you’ll get all the features and ease of functionality you need to keep your baby safe.

This monitoring camera is extremely easy to set up, with the package including everything you need to get going right away. The camera may be wireless but in order to boost the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), you need to make sure you have a Wi-Fi router with the WPS function. Otherwise, you’ll have to connect it to an Ethernet cable. From the packaging, you’ll find 3 QR codes that you can scan to download the iOS or Android app, along with the camera ID and password. Once you download the free app on your device, all you need to do is to create an account and connect it to the camera. That’s all there is to it!

Since the LeFun Wireless Camera Baby Monitor can be connected to the Wi-Fi, you can use it as a baby monitor to view your little one’s safety and activity. So even if you’re in the kitchen or in the office, monitoring your baby is just a click away from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. The great thing about this is that you other members of the family can have access to the camera, too. Through the password identity feature, your baby can be monitored using one or multiple devices at once. This way, other members of the family can keep watch of the child when you’re not there to do so.

The LeFun Wireless Camera Baby Monitor boasts a crisp and clear 720p resolution that provides you with the best video and image recording quality, combined with clear high-definition video and digital automatic zoom. The camera supports local storage via microSD card, where you can playback, fast-word, and save important video recordings. Apart from this, the camera also has an impressive extra-wide 350° pan and 100° tilt viewing angle, allowing you to cover wider areas of a room. You can also remotely control its pan-tilt-zoom capability using the mobile app.

Want to have peace of mind at night? The LeFun Wireless Camera Baby Monitor also lets you keep watch of your baby and home even in total darkness, through its night vision mode. With its non-intrusive built-in IR LEDs, you can see everything in clear detail, up to 32 feet. You can also stay in touch with the camera’s built-in microphone and speaker, which allows for voice communication between the mobile app and camera side. This way, you can keep in touch with your baby, the baby-sitter, or any other family member at any given time; whether you want to see their face, hear their voice, or let them hear yours. To top it off, the monitor also has smart motion alerts that sends you notifications and snapshots from your device, whenever motion is triggered. It’s a nice addition that gives you complete peace of mind. So if you’re a worried parent who’s constantly on-the-go but want to ensure their child’s safety and well-being, then this is the perfect baby monitor for you!

  • Affordable
  • Nice, compact design
  • Easy to set up and install
  • High-quality resolution (720p)
  • Access camera through multiple devices at the same time through password identity
  • Extra-wide field of view (350° horizontal and 100° vertical)
  • Ability to take video clips and snapshots of precious moments with your child
  • Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capability
  • Superior quality night vision feature (up to 32 feet coverage)
  • Built-in mica and speaker can act as intercom
  • Intelligent motion alerts for total peace of mind

  • Low video resolution (480p)
  • No cloud storage option
  • Night vision coverage lower than the competition
  • Some reports regarding connection issues (requires strong Wi-Fi signal)

The Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor is another option for parents who prefer going for the traditional two-unit baby monitor. This feature-packed and budget-friendly baby monitor comes with almost everything you could possibly need to keep watch of your little one. It comes with two units: A parent one and a baby one.

The Levana Jena Baby Video Monitor is one of the more recent models launched by Levana. It’s unique in that it comes packed with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which is perhaps one of the most powerful batteries currently available for a baby monitor. With this battery pack, you can run the camera up to 8+ hours with the video screen on and 12+ hours if you set it to PEEP (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture) mode. In PEEP mode, you can set the monitor screen to “sleep” when there’s no sound in your baby’s room. When your baby makes a peep, the monitor will automatically activate so you can see and hear exactly what’s going on. This way, you can get a good night’s sleep!

And speaking of night, some kids would prefer little to no light in their room whenever they’re sleeping. Or maybe you’re worried about bumping into something in the nursery so you need to have a little bit of light. Whatever the case, the Levana Jena Baby Video Monitor comes built with a nightlight, a handy little feature that you can easily access from the parent unit whenever necessary. And if you want to keep a close eye on your kid at night, the camera also has a night vision feature that lets you capture clear images of your child even in total darkness, up to 15 feet away. The great thing about this camera’s night vision feature is that it automatically adjusts to the level of light in a room, so you can place the camera anywhere in the room without having to worry about displaying a precise image of your child.

With the state-of-the-art ClearVu digital wireless technology, you can see and hear your baby with clarity and accuracy from up to 500 feet away. This is unlike any other baby monitors that provide an analog signal which can easily be intercepted. With Levana Jena, you’ll get a private, secure, and interference-free signal. That means nobody else but you can see or hear your baby. And if that’s not enough, the camera also has a two-way audio feature that acts as an intercom, allowing you to hear and talk to your baby. At the same time, you can also ease your child’s worries with the sound of your voice before you even enter the room. This brings peace of mind for both you and your child. This can also be a useful tool for when you want to ask a family member to come and give you a hand with something so you won’t have to yell across the house to ask for help.

Another cool and unique feature this baby monitor has is that it comes with 5 remote-controlled lullabies that you can activate and change using the parent unit. With a simple touch of a button, you can keep the soothing music going or change it until you find the one your baby likes. This way, you won’t have to rush to the nursery and reactivate songs over and over until your baby falls asleep.

According to studies, a nursery should be between 68 – 71° F (20 – 21° C).  With the Levana Jena, you monitor not just your baby’s activities but also the room temperature. The temperature can be shown with the video monitor’s onscreen display in your choice of Fahrenheit or Celsius so you’ll always know that your baby’s comfortable. This is one feature you can’t easily find in baby monitors!

The good thing about the Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor is that you can expand the system up to 4 cameras. This is a great solution for those whose family is growing or if their child is becoming more active at home. With additional cameras, you can convenient view up to 4 different areas in your home at once!


  • Competitively priced
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery pack (up to 8 hour or more)
  • PEEP mode for setting the monitor screen to “sleep” when there’s no sound in the nursery
  • Built-in night vision that automatically adjusts based on level of light (up to 15 feet)
  • ClearVu technology lets you see and hear your baby with precision and clarity up to 500 feet away
  • Built-in nightlight
  • Two-way communication
  • Choice of 5 remote-controlled lullabies to soothe your baby
  • Room temperature monitor
  • Expandable (up to 4 cameras max)

  • A traditional two-unit monitor may not be ideal to some (some customers prefer just installing an app in their phone or PC)
  • No motion sensors
  • No storage options

Next in our list is another best-seller, the Wansview Security Camera. Just like the LeFun Wireless Camera Baby Monitor, this model lets you view the camera’s feed using a dedicated app in your smartphone, tablet, or computer anytime and anywhere.

This camera is pretty easy to set up on Wi-Fi. Simply install the Wansview app to connect the camera on Wi-Fi, and you’re good to go. There’s no complicated setting necessary for this nifty little camera. And unlike other models, you can view live streaming outside of the network, without the need to use port forwarding and DMZ changes on the router. The system uses UPNP technology so it automatically opens and closes ports whenever necessary. What’s more, you can even view the camera from multiple devices, all at once.

Design wise, the camera is pretty slim, with a length of 60mm and width of 60mm. It’s a compact and elegant-looking camera that you can place on any surface (on the table, on the wall, or even on the ceiling) for monitoring your baby and/or babysitter. And with its 720p HD resolution, you’ll get vivid quality images and videos.

The Wansview Security Camera also has a wider 120-degree viewing angle with 4x digital zoom so you can keep watch on a bigger area coverage. At night, you’ll get stunning night vision with its 24 automatic IR LEDs that won’t let you miss out on any moment. Night vision covers up to 20 feet, which is a little shorter compared to other cameras of this type. That said, the fact that you’ll have peace of mind all throughout the day is more than enough for you to get this camera for your home.

Additionally, the Wansview Security Camera has a one-way audio feature that lets you listen in on what’s happening in your home. It also has a smart motion and audio detection feature that sends alerts to your phone along with a snapshot. Cloud video recording is triggered whenever the motion/audio sensors are triggered. You can also record locally to a powered storage device within the network. However, the camera doesn’t support SD slot. From the app, you can also capture precious moments like cute photos and videos of your child. You can even share them with friends and family.

  • Competitively priced
  • Quality video on live view (720p)
  • Ability to view camera on multiple devices at once
  • Slim and compact design
  • Wider field of view (120°)
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Smart motion and audio alerts
  • Cloud and local storage

  • Night vision only covers up to 20 feet
  • Only has one-way audio feature (microphone doesn’t work)
  • No pan/tilt capability

The folks at ZEBORA realized that setting up a security camera and the stability of a Wi-Fi connection can be a painful process for parents looking for a reliable baby monitor. This is why they built and designed the ZEBORA Baby Monitor, a sleek and functional security camera that’s tailor-made to meet the security needs of any concerned parent. The camera has a unique plug-and-play functionality where you only have to install the dedicated ZeboraCam app to your smartphone or tablet and have an incredible camera control experience, even while you’re away from home. The app is simple and very easy to use, even for the non-techy folks. The camera also supports up to 4 devices where you can view live streaming all at once. And if you’re concerned about your wireless camera’s security, don’t worry because with ZEBORA, you’ll get more advanced security options with a complex camera ID, up to 24 characters, including letters and numbers. The ZeboraCam app will even remind you of changing the default password if you haven’t yet.

The ZEBORA Baby Monitor has superior quality 3.6mm lens with H.265 video compression format for ultimate clarity. It has a stunning 960p, 1.3 megapixel HD live video streaming quality, complete with impressive pan (355°), tilt (120°), and digital zoom (up to 4x) capabilities that you can easily control via mobile device or PC. The camera also allows you to take snapshots and real-time video recordings. At night, you can automatically or manually turn on/off the built-in IR LEDs so you can see everything in crisp detail up to 33 feet, even in complete darkness!

True to its name, the ZEBORA Baby Monitor is an ideal solution for those in need of a feature-rich yet affordable security camera that they can use for monitoring their baby. The camera is also typically used as an elder monitor, pet monitor, and even a business monitor. You can stay in touch with its intuitive two-way talk feature, and keep track of everything with its smart motion detection alert that sends you push notifications from your phone. You’ll also be sent some images which you can save directly on the app instead of sending them on email. You can also edit the images yourself. Additionally, you can adjust the motion detection sensitivity, as well as set up the alarm schedule and sound. You can also turn off the camera alarm sound from the device list.\

Users can record and playback video, and save them on local storage via microSD card. You can opt to record video footages and save them on the microSD card at any time or record live video and take snapshots when you’re on live feed, where microSD card isn’t necessary. You can even download these videos from local storage to the app.

  • Affordable
  • Simple and user-friendly app
  • Enhanced security options with complex camera ID
  • High-quality video resolution (960p)
  • Has pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capability
  • Wider viewing angle (355°)
  • Impressive night vision, with coverage up to 33 feet
  • Set night vision manually or automatically
  • Two-way audio feature
  • Small motion alert with push notifications and snapshots of the event

  • No cloud storage option
  • Requires strong Wi-Fi signal in order to work properly
  • Camera can be extremely motion sensitive (but can be adjusted accordingly)

Here’s a nice little camera that’s especially built to help you keep an eye on your baby anytime and anywhere: the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor. This remote wireless security system comes with a parent unit and baby unit that lets you monitor things both while at home and away, via a compatible smartphone, tablet, and/or PC.

This baby monitor allows you to watch over your little one remotely using the free dedicated Hubble app. Simply install the app on your phone, tablet, or computer, and you’re good to go. From the app, you can have complete control over the camera, as well as receive notifications so you’re sure to always stay connected to what’s going on at home. Additionally, you can record straight to your device with a simple push of a button via the app’s video recording and image snapshot features. And if that’s not enough, you can also use the app to remotely pan, tilt, and zoom the camera whenever necessary.

What’s so unique about this model is that it comes with a unique full-color 3.5-inch diagonal LCD display that shows real-time video (with 720p capability) and sound in your baby’s room. This works as an in-home monitor that lets you stay connected to your child up to 590 feet away. And if you’re getting out of range, an alarm sound will be triggered. It will also alert you whenever you’re running low on battery and need to recharge it.

Want to know how your baby’s doing at night? With the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor’s night vision feature, you can stay connected with what’s going on in your baby’s room even without any lights so you won’t disturb the little sleeper. The baby monitor also features a crystal-clear two-way communication that lets you listen in and talk with your baby even without being in the same room. And with this same feature, you can also help calm your baby by choosing from 5 different soothing polyphonic lullabies. Another feature that’s truly unique with this model is that it has a convenient room temperature display and notifications that will alert you when your baby’s room gets too hot or too cold. This way, you can take the necessary actions, whether you’re at home or on the go.

One optional feature that you can add to your Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor is the Hubble Cloud Video Recording (CVR) service that lets you capture moments on video as it happens in your home. You can store recordings via cloud, which you can access anywhere from your mobile device or PC. You can choose from 3 plans: 1, 7, or 30 days of motion-triggered recorded video.

  • Comes with rechargeable battery pack
  • Clear video resolution (up to 720p)
  • Has PTZ capability
  • Wider field of view (up to 300°)
  • State-of-the-art LCD display for showing real-time video and sound (up to 590 feet)
  • Smart night vision mode
  • Comes with two-way audio + choice of polyphonic lullabies to soothe your baby
  • Convenient room temperature display and notifications
  • Offers both local (via SD) and cloud storage service

  • More expensive than other models
  • Resolution is lower than most of the competition
  • SD card is sold separately
  • You will have to pay extra for cloud storage

Another feature-rich yet affordable option that’s made it to our list of the best baby monitoring cameras for 2017 is the DMZOK 720P WiFi Camera. This elegantly designed surveillance camera can help you keep watch of your home, your baby, elders, or pets anytime and anywhere. With its one-key Wi-Fi configuration, setting up the camera is a breeze. You can connect and control the camera remotely with the help of a free dedicated mobile app that’s compatible with Android and iOS devices. With this easy plug-and-play setup, you can start using the camera in less than 5 minutes!

The DMZOK 720P WiFi Camera has an impressive H.264 compression with high-quality 720p video resolution that gives you a crisp and clear live viewing and recording experience. It also has an extra-wide viewing angle of 120°, with pan capability up to 90° and 4x digital zoom that can help you watch a wider angle of space.

Unfortunately, this baby monitor doesn’t come with night vision, which would have been a standard feature in cameras of this type. The camera also has a one-way audio feature, with a built-in microphone but no speaker so you can only talk but can’t hear on the camera end. On the upside, the camera is built with intelligent motion detection feature that monitors every movement by email alerts or push notifications to your phone. It also has auto-snapshot so you’ll receive images when motion is triggered.

This baby monitor supports video recording and playing via local storage with an SD card (up to 64GB).

  • Affordable
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Simple and easy setup
  • High quality resolution (720p)
  • Wide viewing angle (120°)
  • Has pan and zoom capability
  • Smart motion alert with email and push notifications + snapshots
  • Support for SD card up to 64GB

  • No cloud storage option
  • No night vision mode
  • Only has one-way audio feature

Another all-time favorite among homeowners is this Super HD 960p Baby Monitor by leading home security solutions provider, SOTION. The camera is typically used as a baby monitor, but can also be used to monitor pets, elders, your home, as well as your business. It boasts a stunning 960p, 1.3-megapixel resolution with HD remote live video streaming capability. On top of this, the camera also features superior quality 3.6mm lens H.264 video compression format for maximum clarity.

The SOTION Super HD 960P Baby Monitor has an impressive pan (355°), tilt (120°), and digital zoom (4x) capability so it covers a wider area in a room. To be able to control its PTZ capability, as well as other features, you need to download the free SotionCam app from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. This app is pretty easy to use and access, even for those who aren’t to techie. There’s no registration required, and the camera’s user manual is even built into the app itself. Simply download it, and you’re ready to go. The app also supports up to 4 live video played simultaneously. This way, you and your other family members can keep an eye on the kids and the home at any time, no matter where you are.

The great thing about SOTION’s dedicated app is that it comes with enhanced security. Unlike other apps that can easily be hacked into due to simple camera IDs and using default password without change, the SotionCam app improves security significantly by using complicated camera ID up to 24 characters, including numbers and letters. The app will even remind you of changing the default password until you’ve changed it.

The SOTION Super HD 960P Baby Monitor assures you that you’ll have peace of mind throughout the day. What’s more, you’re covered even at night, with its built-in IR LEDs that allow you to get crisp and clear images, even in total darkness (up to 33 feet max). You can choose to automatically or manually turn the night vision features on/off, as well.

The camera also has a clear two-way audio that you can use to communicate with your baby and to listen in on the goings-on at home. Apart from this, it also features an intelligent motion detection alert that sends you notifications from your phone, complete with snapshots that will be saved in the app instead of sending them through email. You can also easily adjust the motion detection’s sensitivity so you won’t have to worry about false alarms. The camera even lets you set up alarms schedules and sound, which can be turned off quickly from the device list.

The SOTION Super HD 960P Baby Monitor gives you the option to record video and save it on the SD card. Other than this, you can also record live video and take snapshots when you’re on live feed (an option that doesn’t require SD card). Other options include downloading the videos from the SD card to the app. For SD card recording, you also have the option to schedule the time to record or when the alarm is on.

  • Affordable
  • High-quality video resolution (960p)
  • Comes with PTZ control
  • Wide viewing angle (355°)
  • Enhanced security (complex camera ID)
  • Supports multiple devices for simultaneous camera viewing
  • Clear night vision, up to 33 feet (with option to automatically/manually turn off/on night vision)
  • Clear two-way audio feature
  • Smart motion alerts + snapshots

  • No cloud storage option
  • Some issues with using the app

The iBaby Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera is built to make any parent’s life a lot easier. This baby monitor features superior quality 720p HD video resolution so you can keep watch of your little one in crystal-clear detail, as well as capture high-quality images, wherever you may be. The video feed will directly stream to your smartphone or tablet, as long as you’re connected to the Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or LTE.

Setting up this baby monitor is quick and easy. Just download the free iBaby Care app, connect the camera and your smartphone/tablet to a strong Wi-Fi signal, and you’re all set. That’s less than 60 seconds! From the app, you can remotely control the baby monitor. You don’t even have to go to the nursery to adjust the view from the monitor. From the app, you can turn the monitor up to 360° or tilt it up to 110°. You can even zoom the camera so you can see more details. You can do these – and more – with a simple swipe of a finger on your mobile device.

Apart from crisp and clear daytime video quality, the iBaby Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera will also give you peace of mind at night, with its clear night vision feature. With this, you can conveniently check on your baby from your bed, thanks to the monitor’s built-in IR LEDs that provide enough light without disturbing your little one. Additionally, you can play soothing lullabies for your baby with the built-in music player. You can even record a voiceover of your kid’s favorite bedtime story with the monitor’s voice recording feature.

Want to know what happens in your child’s room even while you’re away? With the baby monitor’s smart alerts feature, you’ll receive alerts whenever motion or sound is detected. You can choose to have the alerts saved in the timeline as a series of images or a short video clip. Additionally, if you want to communicate with your baby or with anyone at home, you can take advantage of this baby monitor’s two-way audio with echo cancellation. It comes with built-in microphone and speaker so you have the ability to not only hear your baby, but to respond to them as well!

For the ultimate security, the iBaby Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera comes with full privacy control where you can turn on Sleep Mode to temporarily block all users from accessing the video feed. You can also choose how much access to give to the monitor’s viewers. Talk about full control!

In terms of storage, there’s no option to access videos and images on PC, since this baby monitor was specifically designed for mobile devices only. Also, there’s only cloud storage and the monitor doesn’t have an SD card slot, although the storage is free so it’s actually a good point.

  • Superior quality resolution (720p)
  • Exceptional PTZ control
  • Impressive night vision feature (covers up to 20 feet away)
  • Built-in music player lets you play soothing lullabies for your baby
  • Voice recording feature so you can tell bedtime stories to your kid
  • Smart motion and sound alert
  • Two-way audio communication with echo cancellation
  • Full privacy control that temporarily restricts users from accessing video feed
  • Cloud storage

  • More expensive than most of the competition
  • No local storage option (does not support SD card)

The VTech VM321 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor is another awesome security camera that’s perfect for busy parents who can’t watch video and audio feeds at all times. It gives you the flexibility to get work done and only attend to your little one whenever needed.

The system consists of a parent unit and a baby unit. It features a high-resolution 2.8” color LCD monitor where you can view live feed. The monitor comes with a power-saving feature that lets you keep the battery running for up to 7 hours or more, and defaults the monitor to Sleep Mode. This is a handy feature that you can use when you need to get work done around the house or get a quick nap. And if that’s not enough, you can set it to Vibrate Mode to make it extra-quiet.

The VTech Safe & Sound features adjustable camera lens that make it easy for you to choose the best possible viewing angle to keep watch of your baby all the time. The monitor even lets you stay connected to your child even if you’re in another room or outside the house, as long as you’re within range. This is all thanks to the 2.4GHz system that digitally transmits audio and video signals up to 1,000 feet away.

For 24/7 peace of mind, the baby monitor also comes built with 8 IR LEDs that automatically detect dim light so you can still get clear video even in dark rooms. This way, you can keep watch of your baby without disturbing them in their sleep. And with its two-way talk-back communication, you can soothe your baby, as well as play 1 of 5 different lullabies that come included with the monitor. Apart from this, you can also set the parent unit to beep when temperature in the baby’s room drops below or rises above your customized zone. You can also link the parent unit to the baby unit in case it gets lost and/or when the rechargeable battery is running low.

The VTech VM321 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor has a 6-level sound indicator found at the parent unit; a feature that lets you visually monitor noise levels even when it’s muted. The monitor uses DECT 6.0 technology that helps eliminate background noise and prevents interference so the only sounds you hear are your child’s. What’s more, this technology transmits secure and encrypted signal so you can set your mind at ease knowing that you’re the only one who can hear your baby.

Apart from the features mentioned above, this baby monitor is preset to English language, although it gives you the option to switch it to Spanish or French for all screen displays. The system can also be expanded up to 4 cameras in total. This is ideal for those with bigger homes and want to monitor more than one room/area at home.

  • Automatic night vision mode
  • Two-way audio feature
  • Vibrate mode lets you know your baby needs you without making too much sound
  • Operating range up to 1,000 feet
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras max
  • Sooth your baby with 5 different lullabies
  • Parent unit alerts you of temperature changes
  • Link the units in case one gets lost and/or when the battery is running low
  • 6-level sound indicator lets you monitor noise levels even when unit is muted
  • Noise cancellation eliminates background noise and prevents interference
  • Set language to English, Spanish, or French

  • Relatively more expensive than most models of this type
  • The ideal of a two-unit baby monitor may not be appealing to some (other parents may prefer an app-based security camera)
  • No PTZ control
  • Some issues with poor audio quality
  • No storage option

Last but definitely not the least is the small yet powerful Smart Security Camera Baby Monitor by home security solutions provider, TENVIS.

This smart baby monitor is a true wireless Wi-Fi camera that boasts 720p HD video resolution. As long as you’re connected to a strong Wi-Fi signal, you can remotely control the monitor and keep watch of your little one anytime and anywhere. You can even capture and record video clips as you please. By downloading the iMega Cam app in your Android or iOS device, you’ll have access to the baby monitor and control various features that come with it. From the app, you can control its pan/tilt capability so you’ll have great coverage in your baby’s room. The camera has a wider field of view, with a horizontal angle up to 355° and vertical angle up to 120°.

For round-the-clock security, the TENVIS Smart Security Camera Baby Monitor features infrared night vision that you can automatically or manually turn on in low-light and in darkness. And with its IR cut-off filter, you can easily correct color cast problem and enhance brightness so you can see images better even in complete darkness. The camera also has a smart motion detection function that you can easily configure to trigger instant alert to you, via the app. The monitor also has a nice two-way audio feature so you can easily communicate with your baby (or with the rest of the family) on mobile device. It’s like an intercom where you can talk to the camera or listen in on what’s happening at home while you’re not around.

The TENVIS Smart Security Camera Baby Monitor supports local storage where you can save all your screenshots and video clips. However, it doesn’t have an SD card slot and instead, supports TD card up to 128GB. This gives you plenty of space for storage but the only problem is that TF cards aren’t easy to find in the market these days. And the fact that a TF card doesn’t come included in the package doesn’t make things any easier. We would also love to see this baby monitor with support for cloud storage but at the time of this review, it only supports local storage.

  • Affordable
  • High-quality video resolution
  • Capture images and record videos as you please, via the app
  • Remotely control pan/tilt/zoom capability
  • Wide viewing angle (up to 355°)
  • Night vision feature can manually or automatically be turned on/off
  • Smart motion detection
  • Two-way audio feature
  • Local storage expandable up to 128GB

  • Does not support SD card
  • No cloud storage option

And that sums up our 10 best baby monitoring cameras for 2017!

As you can see, each of these baby monitors is unique in their own way. And while some of them come with a higher price tag, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll most likely be using them on a regular basis throughout the infant and toddler years (or even beyond that).

Baby monitors are a really great investment that can give you complete peace of mind – and a good night’s sleep! No matter which of these monitors you choose, it’s safe to say that they’re a lot more advanced than what you’re used to. Don’t forget to pick up one that gives you the greatest sense of comfort and one that won’t have you breaking your budget!

So which of the 10 best baby monitoring cameras for 2017 are you going to pick up? Tell us in the comments section below!

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