The Best Lockable Storage Box Options For Your Home

A safe offers the ultimate protection for special items. However when you want to keep things locked up but don’t quite need that level of protection or will need something that can be used outdoors a lockable storage box may be the solution you have been searching for. Since they are usually found in both metal and plastic you’ll need to learn the basics of each before getting started.

Should You Consider Metal?

Metal boxes are a fantastic alternative to a safe. However, they should not be expected to be as tough. Yet, they are strong enough to keep out family members, co-workers, or kids who should not have access to what’s inside. And this is why many people choose them. They are also light enough in weight to be portable so that you can bring your lockable metal storage box with you if you need to. Their small size plus the fact that they aren’t bulky enable homeowners to hide them in spots thieves along with everyone else won’t even consider.


The metal ones offer a different level of protection depending on what brand and model you have. Aluminum ones may offer basic security while steel lockable storage boxes made from heavy gauge steel will be much tougher. Those who are made with double steel walls are designed to be fire-resistant. Most storage boxes may be fire-resistant depending on the material but one thing is for sure, it is more fire-resistant than the plastic ones. Not only that, these metal lockable storage boxes already have their own built-in combinations or key locks. Some may even have locks which might require two separate keys for that extra protection.lockable-medicine-storage-box

There are also different varieties you can use to keep different types of items. Typically steel security boxes are the choice of people who want to protect small amounts of cash or important documents. But there are many specialty metal options too. A lockable medicine storage box is designed to be able to hold all types of medications conveniently while also making sure you don’t have to worry about kids or those with abuse problems getting into them. Metal gun boxes will keep handguns from getting into the hands of an intruder or family member while also protecting the firearm itself from damage. In general almost all metal boxes will come with some type of lock already built into them.

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Is Plastic What You Need?

While many people are already familiar with the benefits of metal, they may not have seen or used a lockable plastic storage box before. Unlike with standard plastic options that don’t lock these are made to handle some very tough conditions. Other than being tough, plastic lockable storage boxes are notoriously lightweight making them easily portable and movable without that extra weight.


How tough of course will be up to the model and brand of box you choose. In general though, they are all made from heavy duty plastic which can make a big difference when being stacked, accidentally dropped, or dealing with the weather.

Plastic lockable storage boxes also have the benefit of being weatherproof. This simply means that no matter what weather hits you, your belongings will not only be safe but dry as well. Unlike any other material, plastic doesn’t decay, rot or rust when used outdoors or in wet areas.

Many hunters and campers use their plastic lockable storage box to keep their gear. For homeowners they are popular for general storage since they are usually designed to be stack-able and can lockable-mobile-chestprevent what’s inside from dealing with water-damage. And of course tradesmen use plastic options like cargo boxes and mobile chests for protecting invaluable tools when on the job. While there are many brands and types to pick from you will find that most plastic choices do not have built-in locks, instead they can be secured with the use of one or more padlocks that you’ll need to purchase on your own.

To sum it up, plastic boxes aren’t really advisable with valuables since they are not fire-proof however they are designed to be convenient and available in a wide variety of sizes. They also have extra features that make them very helpful like grooves for easy tying, wheels for easy transport, rope, latches and many more.

As you can see while a safe does have its proper place in home security, a lockable storage box may be used as a substitute for certain items and situations. Just be sure to keep the above info in mind to help you decide whether you need metal or plastic. Buy the type of lockable storage box depending on your security needs.

Becoming a dad ignited my interest in home security. I started with security systems and quickly fell in love with the fast-evolving internet of things (IoT). I love to review home security and smart home products, and learn about new technologies in the IoT space.

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