Comparing Frontpoint Equipment Packages

Finding the right home security system that fits your home can be a daunting task.

All companies make promises of safety and protection with packages of all sizes. It can be overwhelming searching through the various equipment and all the special offers, but Frontpoint Home Security makes it easy to find what you need to keep your life shielded from any outside threats.

What They Offer

Frontpoint has three packages, all with wireless equipment that can be self-installed easily. If a DYI project is not for you, you can always hire one of their professional to install the product for a small fee. Every package includes a locked-in rate and a promise that the price will never increase. They also allow a thirty day risk free trial, and if you are unsatisfied with the company, you can return it with no hidden fees or charge to you.

Packages and Monitoring

Frontpoint’s monitoring contract gives customers the option to sign a twelve month or a thirty-six month commitment, but the choice will impact the cost of the equipment. With the thirty-six month contact, the equipment is available for as little as $99.00. The best deals come with the bigger contract. To get the discount, however you must be a homeowner and have the credit to qualify.

  • Protection Plan- includes cellular equipment, the thirty-day trial, free shipping, three-year warranty, control panel, three door sensors, and one motion sensor. Monitoring price: $34.99
  • Interactive Plan- includes everything from the Protection Plan, plus a light module and one smoke and heat sensor. Monitoring price: $44.99
  • Ultimate Plan- includes all from the previous plans and a garage sensor and water flood sensor. Monitoring price: $49.99

All Frontpoint equipment ships for free, is protected by a three year warranty, and their outstanding customer service. The packages are customizable and come with a GE Security Simon XT control panel and battery backup. If you need more, you can always add as needed. Certain monitoring packages also allow for home automation.

Getting Familiar with the Equipment

  • GE Security Simon XT Control Panel- brains of the system
  • Touch Screen Control Panel- an alternative to the Simon XT which adds the luxury of touch screen with a camera
  • Door/Window Sensor- monitors any movement of the doors and windows
  • Glass Break Sensor- monitors for the sound of glass breaking
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor- monitors for a high amount of carbon monoxide in the air. Sounds an alarm, lights flash, and the monitoring system is alerted
  • Garage Door Sensor- monitors overhead garage doors and can be sent to sent text or email alerts whenever used
  • Keychain Remote- with one click you can arm or disarm your system and send panic alerts
  • Motion Sensor- monitors motion and can cover about 1,000 square feet around it
  • Recessed Door Sensors- like the door/window sensors, tracks movement but is hidden from view
  • Smoke and Heat Sensor- uses a photoelectric chamber to detect smoke and detect any rapid temperature change.
  • Alerts the monitoring company
  • Water and Flood Sensor- monitors for leaks and floods
  • Wireless Camera
  • Wireless Light Control- Control your lights and small appliances remotely
  • Panic Pendant- push for help. Can be worn or kept hidden from view for emergencies
  • Image Sensor- like a motion detect but also takes pictures

Other pieces of equipment include freeze sensors and different camera options. The Frontpoint system also supports smart door locks and smart thermostats, even though they do not sell these directly.

Security Cameras

Indoor Camera: is very small and lightweight at 4.9 ounces. Ideal for new parents with babies because it gives you the ability to watch live stream from any device with Internet access. It detects motion and alerts you immediately to any changes. A video clip is sent through a text or email notification, and you can monitor the video at any time to determine if the movement is innocent or a real threat.

Outdoor Camera: the ultimate way to protect your home from any outside threats. Lightweight, too, at only seven ounces. It’s small but big enough for an intruder to see, hopefully deterring them from the property. It is equip to handle all kinds of natural elements but also comes with a weather protection guarantee. The downside to this camera is that it has to be within ten feet of a receiver.

Pan and Tilt Camera: a more advanced piece of equipment. Designed to cover large areas with a 350-degree panning radius, 125-degree tilt capacity, and 720 image resolution. Because the camera is wirelessly connected to the Internet, the footage can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The user can adjust the lens position of the camera and remotely monitor the video using their mobile device, smart phone, or computer.

Frontpoint backs its cameras with a Smash and Crash Protection Plan. If an intruder destroys your equipment during the invasion, Frontpoint will replace it, no questions asked and no fuss.

Putting It All Together

Frontpoint makes owning a home security system painless and easy. The best thing is that they give you options to choose from, which allows you to pick the packages and equipment that fits your needs. The packages range in size and price, but you can always make them customizable by adding pieces of equipment or more features to your system. As always, the decision is up to you. Hopefully now, you feel a little more comfortable with the Frontpoint Home Security Company, and what they can potentially offer you.

Becoming a dad ignited my interest in home security. I started with security systems and quickly fell in love with the fast-evolving internet of things (IoT). I love to review home security and smart home products, and learn about new technologies in the IoT space.
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