Frontpoint Security vs. LiveWatch–Who Wins the Shootout?

Both these companies managed to get into top three best security systems. They have great reputations and they really care about their customers, which makes your choice even more difficult. Even though you might think one company is better than the other, you might want to check out our comparisons in this article.

Price Packages 

Lowest prices

Frontpoint does not even enter the competition here, since they don’t have a package with a price this low, so LiveWatch is the winner by default. So how much does it cost?

For cellular monitoring, you have to pay $19.95 per month, an excellent price. Of course, besides this price, you will have to pay the activation fee, also $19.95, and the equipment cost, which is $99.00. You get one control panel, 2 door/window sensors, one motion sensor and one key fob.

Second Level Packages

For this price range, Frontpoint offers a Protection Plan for $34.99 a month, and LiveWatch brings its Mobile Pro package with a cost of $29.95 a month. However, these prices represent the monitoring fee you need for a month, but there are other costs too.

For instance, LiveWatch has an activation fee of $19.95, while Frontpoint has none. More than that, the equipment cost is the same for both companies: $99.00. And what do you get for this money?

Both have Crash and Smash protection, one control panel, 2 door/window sensors, one motion sensor, but the difference lies in the key fob, which LiveWatch includes it in the package, but Frontpoint charges you $29.99 for one. This, and the fact that LiveWatch has a mobile app to go with this makes it the winner in this round.

Third Level Packages

Here, LiveWatch offer their Total Home package for a monthly cost of $39.95, besides the activation fee and the equipment cost. They have cellular monitoring, Crash and Smash Protection, and all the other benefits you had for the previous package.

On the other hand, Frontpoint costs more, but offers more. For $44.99 a month, you receive the same things as the LiveWatch package, but they add 2 Z-Wave Light Control, and you can get a glass break sensor for $74.99, one smoke detector for $64.99 and a thermostat with price on request. No doubt Frontpoint wins here.

High End Packages

Both FrontPoint and LiveWatch offers a monthly fee of $49.99 for their high end packages. Total Home + Video for Livewatch while Frontpoint has its Ultimate Plan. Livewatch’s Total Home + Video Plan includes the Total Home package features. Additional feature includes live video streaming and security camera.

Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan is cellular monitoring and you get Crash and Smash Protection, one control panel, one door/window sensor, one motion sensor, one key fob, a mobile app, 2 Z-Wave light control and for extra money you can choose a glass break sensor, a smoke detector, a thermostat, an automated door lock and a wireless indoor/outdoor camera.

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Many people think contracts are a bad thing since companies can trick you into paying more if you sign. However, things are really worse if you don’t sign anything. By having this agreement you know you will pay a fixed amount every month, there is no risk of raising costs in time.

Plus, if you sign a three-year agreement, you know for sure you will benefit the service for this period of time. Otherwise, without a contract, the company can raise the costs as they wish, plus they can terminate the service immediately, without even noticing you.

That’s why, from this point of view, LiveWatch can prove to be quite risky, since they can make you pay more from month to month and end any service anytime.

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Installation, Equipment Warranty, BBB Rating

Regarding installation, both companies allow you to install it yourself. Of course, this can have advantages and disadvantages. It’s quite easy to do it yourself, but Frontpoint also offers you the possibility to pay for a professional installation.

bbbMore than that, the equipment warranty is for limited lifetime in LiveWatch, but only for three years, the period you sign the contract for, with Frontpoint.

They are portable systems, so you can relocate them if you move or you want to switch them between houses. Plus, they both have a BBB rating of A+, which could make your decision even harder, but it also guarantees you will receive quality services all the time.

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Customer Service

If you were hoping that this criterion will help you decide, we’re sorry to disappoint you. The Frontpoint company is famous for their excellent customer service. Ever since they started, they have dedicated themselves to satisfying their customers and solving their issues as soon as possible.

And this is visible: they have very few complaints in their 7 years of activity, and they struggle to solve any problem that might appear. Clients say that their agents are really helpful and kind, a true pleasure to work with.

On the other hand, LiveWatch is a company rebranded from SafeMart. This is a new change and many people like their positive history of customer service, so they have a good start too. Also, a plus is the fact that they offer a 1-year contract instead of 3.

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Response Time

The average response time for Frontpoint and LiveWatch are both the same, at 30 seconds. You may wonder why neither is faster. Actually, it’s illegal to have a response time of less than 30 seconds. This law was put in place to help lower the number of false alarms wasting police resources (taxpayer money). Both have a nationwide service area, so it doesn’t matter where you live, you will be protected.

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Comparison Table

Frontpoint Livewatch
Monthly Fee $34.95 - $49.99 $19.95 - 49.95
Alarm System Price $99 + $99 +
Service Contract 3 Year Cancel anytime
Installation Easy self-install Easy self-install
Alarm Response Time 30 seconds avg. 30 seconds avg.
Service Area Nationwide Nationwide
Panel Options Standard, Touchscreen Standard, Smart Panel
Security Cameras
Home Automation
BBB Rating A+ A+
More Info Check Website Check Website
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And the Verdict…

Both are excellent, top companies, but what matters in the end are your priorities and your preferences. Some people choose technology over a fast response time, so different people make different decisions. Good luck in choosing the best system for your home!

Becoming a dad ignited my interest in home security. I started with security systems and quickly fell in love with the fast-evolving internet of things (IoT). I love to review home security and smart home products, and learn about new technologies in the IoT space.
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